Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Second Chance

To all Sheeba's supporters and well-wishers.

At 3 pm on March 16th, I received a phone call from Burke county Animal Hospital, to say Sheeba was not responding to the Lasix drip. This was known to be the last ditch attempt to expel the fluid from her lungs. Alas this was not to be the case, and I was forced to give my permission to end what for Sheeba had become an impossible fight to win. She had a dignified end among people she knew loved her, and cared for her well being.

During the two months or so, Sheeba was in my care, half her time was spent at the animal hospital. She had stayed there on three separate occasions and received the best medical care possible, without any other considerations. The initial operations to remove the lipomas were a great success and we were so encouraged by by her resolve. After sufficient recovery time she was to receive the heartworm treatment. Then followed an agonizing 28 day wait for a retest. Sheeba passed her retest and was declared heartworm free. However, this was only part of the story, having been re-admitted to the facility once again due to fluid build up on her lungs. Condition thereafter improved and we were all very hopeful of an active life ahead.

This was not to be the break we had prayed for. It seemed for every step forward she took, she fell back another two, and we could already see a gloomy scenario ahead.

The heart worm treatment had been the complete success I had hope for, but damage to the heart it's self had been overwhelming, and in the end the heartworm (Dirofilaria emmitis) prevailed.

Sheeba was a model patient during all of this, and played what ever she was dealt. She was a joy to be around, partly due to her strange aloofness, (which I would imagine to be something of a breed trait). She would gaze into one's eyes as if she understood every word that was being said, but had no intention whatsoever of taking the slightest bit of notice! Sheeba seemed to be in a little world of her own, showing complete indifference to all of the other dogs, until they crossed that invisible line, she would then put them firmly in their place. I will miss her surely.

A second chance has been sort by beggars and kings alike since time began, and we at OF rescue, thank each and every one of you, for the compassionate support of Sheeba's second chance. Sheeba the Siberian Husky touched many hearts, and your kindness towards her will be remembered. Thank you to Dr Sarah Ford and your staff at the Burke County Animal Hospital for all the valiant efforts to make her whole again.

Yours truly Barry, Sheeba's foster dad.


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