Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So far. It was an ordinary Tuesday evening in Burke County Georgia when stay-at-home mom Amanda prepared the last feed of the day before bedtime for her twin boys. Their two outside dogs were always a bit restive about this time as ‘daddy’ was due home about now. However, as the twin boys became satiated from their bottle feed, the dogs became more animated. Amanda glanced out of the front window expecting to see the Dodge diesel truck in the driveway.

No one there! The dogs animation had by this time turned to agitation. Amanda put on her best stern voice, in an effort to quell their apparent needless excitement. Barney, the bolder of the two dogs launched himself at the wire fence of his enclosure as if to propel himself right through it! Amanda saw this from the back door as she prepared to go out side to tell them, “hush”! Greg arrived home at the same time all this was going on, “what in the world is going.......”

They both saw and heard what followed, at the same time. A Siberian Husky came from ‘out of the Sun’ from the West side of their property. It emerged though the tall grass and shrubbery dragging a length of logging chain fixed to her collar passing between both her front and back legs. This in it’s self was bad enough, but wait, this poor animal was carrying a 5lb cyst on her chest between her front legs. The heavy chain rubbed against this with every movement. All hair had long since been abraded from this area, and as a result this poor girl had been left to carry on life with blood and plasma oozing from this horrid growth!

Amanda choked back a sob as she looked at this poor animal. “Greg, who could allow this to happen?”, as she once again looked at the slowly approaching animal. The dog exuded friendliness as it gazed up at the two of them through it’s beautiful sky blue eyes. Through all this suffering it still could trust and appeal to mankind. Such is the lot of a canine, whatever we chose to deal them, they will still offer unconditional love in return.....

After a meal and a restful night, minus that logging chain, Old Fella Rescue was contacted for help. Thus, the wheels had been put into motion for proper veterinarian care for this elegant young lady, soon to be known as ‘Sheeba’.

Thursday afternoon saw OFBCAR take charge of Sheeba’s fate and deliver her to an animal medical facility. The cyst was of course to be removed in due course, but unfortunately Sheeba also tested positive for Heartworm.

Treatment for this, amongst the worst of all parasites affecting our canine companions, is expensive, traumatic, and not without risk. As a result, this meant the estimated cost had already broke though the $400 barrier!

Old Fella Burke County Animal Rescue will pay for the treatment of this beautiful girl, and to give her as finer chance as possible of a better life in a forever home. However, we need your help!

Can You Help? Have a good look at the pictures of Sheeba, look into her loving eyes and you will surely see what I saw the very first time I gazed down at her. I will make no apology for the graphic appearance of her suppurating cyst, we will not hide it away, but we will have it removed for good! So, by your donation, however small, you will be part of the solution to make Sheeba an active and agile girl again. I already have a pledge from a young lady of $50 to start the ball rolling.

Remember all donations, however small, do make a difference and will help to bring Sheeba closer to our goal. Perhaps you could organize a small fund raiser at school or at work ? Children make a difference too and it can be fun !

So have another look at Sheeba...., twitter or blog to your friends, I promise to keep you all updated on Sheeba’s progress and how the fund is going.

If happily, the appeal provides a surplus to our Sibe’s needs, the money will be spent on medical expenses of other of Burke Counties homeless companion animals. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and peruse the photos. I look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible!!

Yours fundraisingly sincere, B.
Old Fella Volunteer & Sheeba's Foster Dad.


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